Erin International (Pvt) Ltd is a new and innovative company that is embedded into Sustainable Agriculture. Its primary focus is to provide human race a healthy living through a dependable supply chain knitting many social values bringing happiness and joy to all those in the value chain.

Though it is in its infancy Erin International is founded by T. P. L. Raj who is a personality well known in the sustainable world, respected for deep integrity and great ethical values. The company is backed by his valuable experience and expertise of the past thirty years in this field. The founder is responsible for having set up and implemented an organic agricultural integrated value chain in remote villages of Sri Lanka bringing economic growth to the poor village community and the country. These agricultural responses have been acclaimed by Asian Productivity Organisations, German Development Institute and many others as unique.

Its core activity is producing a wide range of sustainable organic agricultural produce for human consumption. The product range includes organically certified Tea, Spices, Cashew nuts, Coconuts products, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. It has already begun links with Gulf countries of Dubai, Oman, Qatar in its venture exporting fresh vegetables and fruits. The company is focusing on value additions with ready to consume products in our own labels or private labels.

Our goal is to supply products with the quality you are looking for with also respecting our ethical standards.